What happens after registering for a wholesale account?

Our Wholesale team will assess your application for a wholesale account. Once everything is verified we will grant access for you to view products and place orders online. In some circumstances we may need further documentation as proof of business in order for us to grant access.


When will I get approved for the wholesale account?

Usually within 24-48 hours.


How to qualify for Wholesale account?

Your existing business should be trading in clothing or associated articles. If you are starting a new business please email us with your plans so we can assess viability. Also as we are an well established brand with resellers across many parts of the UK, US and Europe we may need to verify that there will be no clash with existing resellers. Further documentation may be requested.


What if I am starting up?

If you are starting a new business please email us with your plans so we can assess viability and one of our team will be in touch


How long till I get pre-order item?

Pre Order items are back in stock no more than 2-3 weeks from the point of pre order. If there is a longer delay on any pre-order items we will notify you.


How will I pay for my order?

You do not pay for your order on our website. We ask that you only place the order through the system. Out admin team will then calculate a proforma invoice and shipping charges and be in contact with you.

If you hold a credit account with us the system will automatically place your order onto our credit system

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.


What type of payments do we accept, what currencies?

We accept ALL Major Debit and Credit Cards. Also bank transfer is an option in GBP, USD and EURO. Information can be provided prior to delivery.


What are the shipping costs?

For mainland UK we usually charge £10 per box which can accommodate approximately 60 garments (dependent on bulk weight). Outside of mainland UK charges are variable and can be confirmed if requested.


Shipping to NI and EU

 Please Get In touch for shipping, We can arrange shipping and get a good price for you, however you are welcome to arrange your own.


Shipping to USA?

Orders below an order value of $800 dollars are classed as duty free so there will be no additional tax charges for you. Our shipping costs to USA vary but usually is calculated at about an additional $1.30 per garment with a minimum of 50 garments in any given box


Shipping to the rest of the world?

Duties may apply. We advise you contact us first before placing an order so we can further advise on any additional charges and shipping.


Cancelling an order?

You can cancel your order at anytime pre delivery. Let us know by email quoting your order number.


Partly shipped order?

Sometimes our stock arrives in part shipments. Hence not all styles are available together. Therefore we usually ship orders. according to what is physically in stock. If you want orders to arrive in one go please specify this on the notes section of your order.


Returns and Refund on damaged units

Please email us with any concerns and we will endeavor to accommodate any issues


If I place an order today when will I receive it?

If in stock then usually with 3 working days


I'm looking for larger quantities/forward order, is this something you do?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your buying plans as we do worker with some large accounts who regularly place larger quantity orders preseason and also in season. This is one of the benefits of working with us in that we continue to manufacture and develop new styles through out the seasons ensuring our resellers are never short of stock.


I am looking to place my own label into your styles. Can this be done?

Yes we work with a number of retailers who place contract orders with us requesting private label production. Please contact us for further info.


Where is the stock made?

We manufacture in the UK, China and Morocco.


What is our stance on Ethical trading?

We Audit all our production houses to ensure that they follow strict guidelines in terms of Health + Safety and Employee rights. Furthermore we source our fabrics and products through reputable suppliers.


Is it OK for me to use your product pictures on my website and catalogues?

Please contact us first to discuss as this may only be suitable on a case by case basis


Are you able to provide me with samples of your products before we place an order for stock?

Please contact us first to discuss as this may only be suitable on a case by case basis



I'm looking to place an order but I'd like to see your products before I commit to buying, do you have a warehouse or showroom I can visit?

Yes our showroom is based in central Manchester and you are welcome to visit beforehand to discuss your buying plans with us.